The Brazilian girl from Silicon Valley

How being a responsible entrepreneur can change your life


Bel represents several things that Brazil needs: lots of energy, the ability to start and follow through, willingness to undertake, responsibility for building and leading a team, and the ability to focus on the right things.

Investor, Philanthropist
About the book

Initiative? Teamwork? Determination? What are the things that can make all the difference for those who dream to take ownership of their lives? In The Brazilian Girl From Silicon Valley, Bel Pesce shares what she has learned in her entrepreneurial journey and describes a number of successful cases that show how having an entrepreneurial mindset can change a life.

Entrepreneurship and responsibilities are directly linked. Bel Pesce explains how to create projects you must assume responsibilities.
Get ready to dive into captivating stories that show that anything is possible if you put your heart and mind into your dreams

The author

Bel Pesce

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Bel Pesce is a passionate entrepreneur and founder of FazINOVA, a school that helps people of all ages achieve their dreams. She studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she got Majors in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Management Science, and got Minors in Economics and Mathematics.

Bel is also an author of three bestselling books: "The Brazilian Girl from Silicon Valley", "Superheroes: WANTED" and "The Girl from Silicon Valley 2", the last two available only in Portuguese. Her books have been downloaded over 2 million times and sold over 100 000 copies.

Bel was named one of the "100 most influential people of Brazil" by Epoca Magazine, “30 under 30" by Forbes Magazine, and voted as one of the "10 most admired leaders of Brazil". Recently, Bel won the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, and brought to Brazil for the first time the renowned Cartier award which evaluates projects of entrepreneurial women from all around the world.

She is a TED Fellow and frequent speaker, having delivered over 200 talks worldwide.